NDSU - Refining Best Practices in Education

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NDSU - Refining Best Practices in Education: In Light of 21st Century Classrooms

NaMaYaPD Has Partnered with North Dakota State University (NDSU) to Offer Graduate Credit Courses for Educators.


altIn this course educators will consider a number of leadership issues as they relate to educational technology in a K-12 environment. Topics include but are not limited to educational technology leadership, the use of assistive technology, classroom management in an age of digital technology, and the use of gaming and immersive environments in education. The goals is for educators to develop an understanding of the basic opportunities and concerns associated with each issue, and was well as where to find resources related to them. Most importantly, educators will be able to understand these issues in terms of the leadership required to address them.




Course Information

  • Graduate Credit can apply towards your:
    a. State license renewal requirement due every 5 years
    b. Salary differential scale BA+ 15 +30 +45+60,
    MA +15+30+45+60
  • Length: 45 Contact Hours earns 3 Graduate Credits
  • Time to Compete Course: 4 Months
  • Cost: $349.99 ($150 to the colleges + $199.99 to NaMaYaPD to begin course)
  • If you have any questions, request more information or contact NaMaYaPD at

How you will Redeem Credits

  1. Register and start the course
  2. Complete the course requirements including the projects and submit to your instructor
  3. Once complete with the course go to the following website and register and pay the required fee to North Dakota State University (NDSU): Click Here
  4. Please Email after registering at NDSU. Your grade will then be submitted for your transcript.

What to expect

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