NDSU - Strategies for Implementing the Common Core with Special Education Students

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NDSU - Strategies for implementing the common core with special education students

The Common Core has brought wide reaching shifts in K-12 education.  While much of the emphasis has been placed on particular content areas – there is still much to examine when discussing best practices for implementing Common Core standards in special education classrooms.  Participants will examine how to increase reading and writing skills to meet the diverse needs of learners in today’s schools.  This course will examine the curriculum changes that have resulted from Common Core and how to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of special education students.  Participants will develop strategies for teaching note taking skills, reading comprehension skills, math and writing skills.  This course is appropriate for all K-12 educators.
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Course Information

  • Name of credit: EDUC 600 – 3 Graduate Credits through North Dakota State University (NDSU)
  • Registration Requirement: Course participants must register for course with North Dakota State University (NDSU) - Click Here to Register with NDSU
  • NDSU Credit Fee: $370
  • Length: 36 Contact Hours
  • Timespan: Courses offered year round with 4 months to complete course from time of registration.
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