• What Every Teacher Should Know About the Brain and Learning by Donna Walker Tileston

    Jensen (1997) says that, "While the old academic model addressed primarily the intellectual aspects of learning, the prevailing model suggests that we learn with our mind, heart and body. This more holistic view underscores the importance of considering all of the learner's issues." This course examines how learning occurs and the implications for helping all students to be successful.

Graduate Program

Earn National Graduate Credits in Common Core standards for Math and more.

Completion Time: 4 Months

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"...I really enjoyed this course! I was able to watch really great teachers and connect it to my own teaching. I rarely find time to observe other teacher because time is so limited when I am in the school. It is also great to watch it at home because it allowed me to stop the videos and go back whenever I wanted. This course had great questioning techniques that allowed me to reflect on my own teaching. I am eager to bring some of the things I learned back to my classroom.
Thank you,
L. Rosani
NYC, NY..."